Valdes Engineering Company provides a complete range of project management and engineering services to the industries we serve. With vast experience in a wide range of industries, we offer the expertise to provide timely and cost effective solutions to your capital project needs, regardless of size, complexity or location.

No one understands your needs and priorities better than the staff at Valdes. Many of our professionals were previously employed on the owner's side of the business and the vast experience they gained working in operating plants provides invaluable perspective to the unique requirements of your projects. We recognize the importance of incorporating constructability, maintainability, operability, reliability and safety into our designs, and the operating experience of our experts ensures that your facilities and systems will operate successfully throughout their useful lives.

Project Management

Successful Project Management is about applying sound project management practices to achieve repeatable and predictable results. Achieving top-level performance is a result of leadership through strategic vision, effective communication, and integrity in all business and personal commitments.

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Civil & Structural Engineering

Valdes began as a structural engineering firm in 1992, and the company has maintained those strong civil and structural capabilities to this day. Our staff of licensed structural engineers (S.E.s), civil engineers and designers has extensive experience with site development and the inspection, analysis and design of concrete and steel structures and foundations for a wide variety of industrial manufacturing applications.

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Industrial Architecture

Industrial Architecture at Valdes encompasses the design of facilities that are integral to the manufacturing process and mission-critical to the operation of your business.

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Mechanical Engineering

The Mechanical Engineering staff at Valdes has extensive experience in the design and engineering of a wide variety of mechanical and material handling systems. Scope of services includes the design, specification, purchase, and installation of production equipment and associated infrastructure.

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Process Engineering

At Valdes, we assist companies engaged in the development and production of a diverse range of products. Our process engineers have in-depth knowledge of the unit operations associated with a wide variety of refining, chemical, food and pharmaceutical processes. They possess a deep understanding of the technical and business drivers of a project, essential to the success of any engineering effort.

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Project Controls

Valdes has extensive experience executing a wide range of capital projects. Our project controls systems are designed to provide accurate and timely information to keep projects on schedule and on budget. Vital project data is collected and presented in a user-friendly format that allows us to identify project trends and proactively make corrective adjustments in real time.

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Automation, Instrumentation & Controls

Proper control system design and application are fundamental to the performance and profitability of any facility. We provide expertise in the development of system architecture, hardware selection, programming, hardware installation and start-up assistance for a wide variety of control systems and operator interface software.

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Electrical Engineering

Valdes' Electrical Engineers specialize in the design of electrical systems for a wide range of industrial applications. Services include everything from facility lighting through substation upgrades and motor control center (MCC) additions. We have specialized expertise in electrical system modeling and experience working on systems up to 35kV.

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Industrial Surveying & Scanning

Recent advancements in High Definition Laser Scanning and 3D modeling technology have had a significant and beneficial impact on our ability to support and execute plant additions, revamp projects, turnarounds and scheduled maintenance activities. Valdes has executed thousands of high definition scans on multiple projects of varying size and complexity.

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Plant Layout & Piping Design

Our clients have come to rely on our plant layout and piping design experts for some of the most demanding and complex system installations. We have built a reputation for dependability and excellence by delivering workable and practical design solutions. We use a wide array of the latest 2D and 3D design tools for our work.

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Procurement Services

Valdes provides procurement services to assist our clients with the purchasing of a wide range of equipment, products and services. By providing a single point of control and seamless coordination between client, engineering, construction contractors, and vendors, we are able to keep projects on time and on budget.

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Stress Analysis

Valdes' Pipe Stress Analysis program provides industry leading expertise on piping evaluations and pipe support surveillance for existing facilities as well as engineering/design expertise on new piping installations.

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CAD Services

Valdes’ CAD Services Team uses a variety of high-quality programs so that each of our drawings are drafted with accuracy and precision to consistently deliver the best finished product to our clients.

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