The professionals at Valdes understand the business drivers that shape industry - continually shrinking margins, pressure from overseas imports, accelerated time-to-market timelines, and the never-ending pursuit of efficiency and technical excellence. Our Agricultural Processing Sector team specializes in providing value-added expertise and knowledge of the full range of chemical process systems, project execution and engineering solutions to help our clients build, operate and maintain their facilities more efficiently.


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Valdes' Agricultural Processing Sector focuses on a broad range of agricultural crop processing and post chemical operations surrounding these markets. We understand our clients' requirements, from the receiving of raw materials, crushing, fermentation and unique chemical processing techniques for finished goods. Our expertise covers the full range of operations found in the agricultural process manufacturing field. We can leverage our experience with our broad base of engineering expertise to provide cost effective solutions for your project needs.

  • Fructose / Dextrose
  • Demineralization
  • Water & Waste Treatment
  • Barley & Wheat to Ethanol
  • Molasses De-sugarization
  • Corn Processing & Recovery
  • Cogeneration and / or CHP
  • Sodium Citrate / Citric Acid & Lactic Acid
  • Corn Syrup Refining
  • Wheat / Corn Wet Milling
  • Preparation and Mash Expansion
  • Alcohol / Ethanol Production
  • Artificial Sweeteners
  • Enzymes Manufacturing
  • Biomass to Ethanol
  • Cyclodextrin


  • Valdes was selected to work with a proprietary Client that developed a process that converts renewable oils (such as palm, mustard, soybean, jatropha or waste oils) into a variety of green olefins, including a unique distribution of alpha and internal olefins for chemicals and advanced fuels; novel multifunctional esters and acids, including 9-decenoic acid, as well as a premium mixture of oleochemicals and advanced biofuels.

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  • Valdes was engaged to study the facility requirements necessary to increase production at a Palm Oil plant by 380,000,000 lbs per year over the current capacity and to implement Enzymatic Interesterification on this $34 million TIC project. All work was planned on an aggressive schedule and prepared with an FEL3 package which included a detailed estimate and back-up documentation.

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  • For more than ten years Valdes has provided continuous engineering and project services to one of the world's largest corn refining companies, a leading supplier of starches, sweeteners, dextrose and a variety of other food ingredients.

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Valdes is dedicated to client satisfaction and quality which is what our clients have come to expect.

  • Archer Daniels Midland

  • Cargill

  • Elevance Renewables

  • Ingredion

  • Kemin Industries